H1b info required urgently

i need some sugegstions on H1 process.

1- i am in H1B now from last 3 months , but wanted to rush back to home due to some family medical emergency , i got
my last 4 paystubs … i am not sure whether the situation allows me to come back or not … can my H1B is still valid ? can my employer told USICS that i left

without informing them (absconding) and can USICS cancelled my Visa with that comment in future?
2- Lets say , how long can i stay in my next trip to india ? lets say , i consumed 3 months now from H1B , can i come USA after 5 years
with the same petition with H1B TRANFER .or is there any time frame , after which my Visa will be invalid … currently it is valid till december 2017 , can i come USA

in 2020?

Your post is very confusing. Why would you go absconding? Just resign properly and leave, always a good idea to leave on good terms. And yes you will be cap exempt when/if you come back.

Thanks for the reply … i dont want to abscond. i will go in Leave now to india ,but if family situation demands, then i donot able to come back to USA again , so i will resign from india … bit my question is if i will leave from india , then my employer in USA can report USICS as “absconding” , at that time , will i face any problem in H1 transfer after 1 year ? Please respond … thanks in advance

No such thing as reporting absconding. They might revoke the h1, but that does not affect you. Regardless you will be cap-exempt when you reapply.

Thanks a lot … then i will be in Safe …