H1B in lottery and RFE on L1 ext due July 31st.

I am currently on an RFE from L1 extension whose evidence is due July 31st. I received RFE within 2 days of filing extension

My employeer also applied for H1-B this year in "Change of Status" category from L1-H1 and it got picked up in lottery.I understand that my H1B will not be effective before Oct 1, 2014.

I have 2 questions here  seeking from experts here :- 


1.)Do I need to  go out of the country if my L1 gets rejected before Oct 1.

2) If I have to leave the country can i still get H1B stamped in my home country being a COS from L1 to H1

3) any other advice from you !!


Thanks a lot in advance,


Krishna Das