H1b - i94 validity

I have a question can you please suggest

I went to India on February 2022 with a valid usa stamping visa until Aug 25 2022. I’ve already applied H1b extension which was approved until Nov 30 2024.I returned in March 15th 2022 and In the port of entry they didn’t ask me new H1b copy and I-94 was updated as per my old H1b copy.

Will there be an issue now ? Can I stay legally in USA or do we have to file for any new h1b extension.

Request you to share your thoughts and share any options that are available.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Could you please help me with the solution.

The I-94 attached with your new I-797 for H1B extension will override the I-94 issued by the CBP. What is the start date on your new I-797?

If you have these type of questions, it is always recommended to talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer first.