H1B & I-94 Expiring in 2015

Hello Everyone,

Not sure If same question was ever asked in this forum or not as I didn’t find any answer related to the question I’ve.

My H1B & I-94 is going to expire this year September. I am in a process of moving to another company ‘A’ and transfer the H1B to them. Now, the situation here is:-

  1. If company ‘A’ transfer my H1B will I get the H1B extension and I-94 automatically because of the transfer process? or do my new employer need to file extensions for H1B and I-94 separately?

  2. If I plan to visit India this year for stamping in case I get the extension will there be an issue while appearing for VISA Interview since I’ve changed my employer and moved to a new one?

Could anyone suggest something how should I be preparing for the interview again and what question they may ask at port of entry while returning to US?

Thanks so much for your help in advance.



  1. Yes, they will be extended automatically when you transfer.

  2. No, you will not have any issue if you have all the necessary supporting documents handy for the interview.

They are all the same that you might find all over the internet. It is going to be about the new position title, responsibilities at the port of entry. If you are working as a contractor, please be prepared with the employer, client letter, location etc. and how your employer manages you at client location etc.

Thank you my friend for your answer. That really helps.