H1B - I-797 Notice of action is in expired status

I’ve a general enquiry about H1B Cap Exempt.

My H1B was processed by my previous employer and I’ve used it for only 2 Years, 2 Months and 6 Days and now my I-94 / I-797 Notice of action is in expired status. Upto my knowledge and understanding, I believe I can use my unused period of H1B and can be easily transferred to new company under the CAP-Exempt category.

My period of stay.
From: Nov 4th,2014
To: Jan 10th ,2017

Kindly correct my understanding.

Your understanding is correct.

so there is no time limit when I can reapply with Cap Exempt - it is doable even after 7 years of your last exit, which is in my case Jan 10th, 2017?

No time limit, you can claim the remainder of 6 years term any time.