H1B I-797 Document for stamping

I have transferred my visa from from company A to B. within a week, I got job in Company C. I am going for stamping for company C and I have not I-797 from my employer B. I have a gap of 1 month between A and C now so I am going for consulate notification. In visa stamping do I need approved I-797 from B? Will approved I-797 from A and C will be okay?

Were you inside US during anytime?

I am in US right now. And waiting for approved I-797 from C. C suggested me to leave US after approval notice. Today I got my receipt number.

Have you started working for C, or are you working for B?

I can work only visa stamping done in India. Then I have to come back to USA and join C.

I saw your other question. Taking that into consideration, you can take A’s and C’s petition for stamping and just forget about B’s petition. It will be considered that you stayed inside US w/o employer and pay once you left A, which puts you out of status.


Thanks for all your answers.
I just got an update from my employer that H1B consulate notification can not be done in premium processing. So I have to wait and watch till any status change.

Is it correct that H1B consulate notification can not be applied in premium processing?

I don’t know of any such rule. I do know that there are folks outside of US, who file H-1B under premium processing w/ consular notification (as one needs to get visa stamped before entering US).

You are continuing to stay in US on out-of-status. I suggest talking to an attorney if you plan to continue doing that; and I mean not C’s attorney.