h1b help please guide me

HI All,

I got lots of questions  please feel free to answer please people need your guidance.

I Got My h1b went to Us for job search tried for 2 months many project i was fine with my employeer was not. My employeer is like a consultant I payed for My H1B.

And they didnt do a great job in getting projects. They were trying corp to corp roles. Their contacts as well not that efficient.

So i returned back to india. They didnt pay me as per LCA when i was in Bench.

I got the original I797 document with me.

After all these months they didnt contact me right know they are asking my original H1B document. Which i dont have any interest to hand over to them? Do i Have to hand over to them or i can keep them? Is there any law they should be holding it.

Because i paid the whole fees.

i Like to go to Us  for some time?

I am hearing that market is not good itseems are they true?

what will be best time for me to travel there and do a job hunt again?

Do i need to change the employeer ? Or can i go with current one?

Dont know what to do please Advice.

Help me our on your guidance people pls.

You should not have paid for your H1. Thats usually an indicator of a bad employer, besides its illegal. You don’t need to return your 797 its yours. Why would you use with the same employer again??