H1B H4 visa documents – is the Marriage Album required?

Hi All,

Me (for H1B) and my wife (for H4) are going together for Visa interview.
In one of the online resource I saw that “Entire wedding photo album.” should be carried as marriage proof along with Marriage certificate.
Is it really required to carry the entire marriage album? If so, is it ok if we just carry soft copies of photos?

Thanks in advance,

its strongly recommended to carry even though they are not asking to see it in most of the cases. But you never know. Better to carry rather than taking a risk.

You cannot carry soft copies as they would not allow any electronic devices inside the consulate. You can carry few of the most important ones showing the marriage ceremony.

The officer needs to be convinced that you both are married and this can be shown through one or more documents like marriage certificate, wedding card, album/photos etc.

Thanks Saurabh, I really appreciate your help.