H1B, H4, F-status.. Change of Status confusion

Recently(this week) my H1B got approved. I am currently in US on F-Status, but because of my H1B approval my student status has automatically ended because of ChangeOfStatus. I want to work on H1B in three months from now (my employer is fine with it.) My situation is that in next two months I am getting married in India. My wouldBe husband is already on H1B in US. I see there are two ways of getting back to US after marriage

  1. First option: When in India I can apply for H4 (as a dependant on my husband), and once back in US I can do COS to H1B. This seems safer option. Is this possible?

  2. Second option: When in India I apply for H1B stamp. For this scenario there is remote chance of delays: due to RFEs, etc.

Kindly advise if first option is possible, and if you see any problems with that option. Please do suggest if you have better alternatives.



Go for Stamping, that would be better. Carry Ur Pay Stubs and relevant docs when U go for stamping