H1B + H4 Dropbox Experience - Hyderabad (Jan 2023)

Jan 4, 2023 - Dropbox Appointment date
DS160 - Hyderabad

No electronics allowed inside Hyderabad VAC, only docs plus wallet. There were two separate lines for Hyderabad VAC appointment and other VAC appointments. The whole process took about 45 mins

Documents submitted

  • Passports
  • 1 Photo of each applicant (they asked for 2 photos per applicant, but I had only one, so they accepted it)
  • Appointment Confirmation letter
  • DS160 confirmation letter of each applicant
  • Copy of Marriage certificate
  • Employment verification letter
  • Copy of primary applicant’s latest I797 (they also asked for a copy of my previous I797, but I didn’t have a copy, so only submitted the latest as there was no job change)

Jan 4-9 – No status
Jan 10 – Approved
Jan 11-13 - Issued

Stamped passports got delivered on Jan 13, and the status still shows as Issued

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Did they ask you for primary applicant latest H-1B stamped copy?