H1B, H4 Dropbox as well as Re-Entering after Transfer, Proclamation

Context: I am on H1-B visa and my wife lives with me on H4 visa. I switched employer on Sep 08, 2019 and mine and my wife’s visa with previous employer expired on Mar 24,2020. Please note that my new employer sponsored my H1-B and my wife’s H4 Visa transfer which is valid until 2022.

Situation: We both are planning to visit India on Dec 27,2020

Queries: Post Presidential Proclamation, I have 2 questions.

  1. Are we eligible for stamping and dropbox? Anything I should know specifically here?
  2. Are we eligible to re-enter US as the proclamation first mentioned that allow is denied for H1-B and spouses, and then added an exception that folks with ongoing employment for same category and employer can come back, which didn’t make sense as I switched employers, so confused.

Appreciate anyone who could shed some light and provide clarity as it is very important for me to be clear before making travel plans.

  1. Yes, you both would be, unless you do not meet general conditions, Check 24 month dropbox option. The 24 month is valid till year end, after that it will one year.
  2. You were in US, so it does not matter.

The challenge is to get the appointment. It is extremely hard to get a slot to drop off documents. Make sure you have a slot, before you travel so that you know for sure. Also, the system will tell the same, if you are not eligible for any reason as there would be a set a questions that you would need to answer.