H1B grace period expires on June 14th 2020 but valid until 06/28/2022. I94 says valid date until D/S

My H1B 60 days grace period ends on June 14th 2020 where as my H1B expiration date is 06/28/2022 and on my I94 it says: Admit Until Date : D/S which I believe will be the same as the H1B expiration date which is 06/28/2022 (please correct me if I am wrong)

So, can I stay legally in the US until Oct 12th 2020 as it the 180th day after my H1B was revoked? Does that mean I have until Oct 12th 2020 to find a job and file for H1B Transfer however I have to go out of country for the visa stamping if the H1B Transfer was filed after the 60th day? Please let me know if this is right

Any help is much appreciated!