H1b got picked, got RFE, deadline Sept 4, no response from employer/attorney till now, feeling very tensed

Dear Team & All,

My H1b petition got picked , felt very happy till I got RFE on second week of June and now feeling very tensed since my employer or attorney didn’t respond to RFE as deadline is Sept 4 is approaching.

Friends, please help why this happens ? why they wanted to respond at the last time, when maximum people respond quickly. I have been following up from the day one I got email from my employer regarding the RFE, they clear mentioned, couple of attorneys will work on this on priority basis. I used to send email and cal every week to know the status, but sadly he used to say same dialogue… “Attorney’s is working, we are try to get affidavits from other employers and affidavit from evaluation expert etc etc”.

By now you understood, mine RFE is very common as most of the H1b workers told me it related to education and experience. USCIS wants to know how the education qualifies to work in this profession, right ? They told me that, nothing can be done from our side since employer or attorney has to respond. I have given all my documents from side and even tried to get additional certificates which can be of much more help.

Till today, I got the same reply, Attorney is working, waiting for evaluator’s affidavit and other employers affidavit etc etc. Freinds, Could you please advise or share your experiences as I am very tensed. As we know, things will not go well, when we work near deadline some or other will miss. Taking the example of our job assignments, we plan to avoid any unforeseen hurdle.

Another questions is, what if USCIS not satisfied with response to RFE, will they give some more time or deny the petition.

Looking forward for your help !! Apology for writing so lengthy.

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How you got to know the deadline. Mine is RFE too, how to know the deadline?

Any updates you got finally? Please share in benefits to all.

HI Friend

Any updates you got please share…