H1b FTE is ending in next month.


My brother took FTE with H1-B visa with a direct client in US 2.5 years back. Now, his job is ending in 3 weeks time and their company is going to inform USCIS about his removal of employment. Now, how long he has time to xfer his visa to another company? He wants to know How long he can stay with out h1-b transfer to a new company?If it gets delayed, What will happen to his status during this time period?

How long he can stay in this country without h1b xfer to another company?

Please answer this question.


On H-1, he always need to get paid. Once his employment ends, he starts accumulating out of status. Being in such status can cause issue downstream in H-1 transfer, H-1 stamping, GC etc.

If there is a gap of 1 week, it may still be ok (depends upon USCIS’ discretion), but I will be very worried if the delay is more than that.

There is no grace period.