H1b From one company in india to other company in india, without event having US status


I am in India and having valid H1b with one employer. During the my tenure with this employer. My H1b permit has expired once and got extended now till mid 2018. My passport never been stamped nor I went to US anytime.

         Now I have offer with another employer in India and I want to utilize my H1b with new employer or rather I don't want to go to lottery process with next employer.

Is there any possibility of above scenario?

Note : I have already went through u r 1st reference link that, appears after putting question, but some how I am not clear abt it.


Yes, it is possible. The new employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you using the old petition as proof that you have already made through the cap.

Once approved, you can get visa stamped and travel to US.