H1b for Project Manager position during H1b Transfer

Hi Saurabh / Experts,

I am currently on H1B with role as Computer programmer. I am planning to change employer and i will be working as a IT project manager for new employer. Is there a project manager role as such in H1b to choose from? Would there be any issues in doing so? Or, you can share any tips in having a smooth transfer to a new employer for project management position.

Yes, I have seen people on H-1 in the PM role. For successful transfer, you need to be qualified for the new position based on your education and experience.

Hi Saurabh, Can you please respond to below queries.

My current h1b petition is filed for extension under client"A" for computer programmer role and my resume has similar responsibilities. Now, i have a job offer for Project Manager and employer “B” will be filing my transfer and role will be “computer and information systems manager”. So, i will be updating my resume too with PM responsibilities i did in previous project. Would there be any problem??? as one of the resume says as computer programmer related responsibilities and other as PM responsibilities??