H1B for .Net Developer from Argentina

Hi All,

I’m really happy I found this site, you guys have been a huge help already for all informtion related to the H1B process.

I’ve already sent my resume to some of the companies you mentioned or show up listed here as the Top 10 employeers:

Now, what I would like to know. Am I too late for a 2014 shot?. I don’t have any job offerings, I just posted my profile on some of the companies.

Those of you that have already left your country and are in the US. How long did the whole process took?. Any of you had spouse/husband and a child?, was that seen as something negative for the H1B sponsors?.

I don’t have any degree, only 6+ years experience in .Net development with MS SQL and some Oracle/MySql. Do I still have a chance or is a degree required?.

Sorry for all the questions, I wanted to live in the US since I was a kid and I still do.

I’m 29 btw, is this an issue?.

Thanks for any reply you guys can provide.

H1B quota is forecasted to get filled within the first two weeks of April 2013. Yes, you may be late as you have not found an employer yet. The employer atleast needs a week and a half to prepare your application packet.

Applying in Aril, you will know the result of your application by June and the visa will authorize you to work from October. There are no issues if you are married and have children, it does not affect your H1B petition.

A degree is must to show that you are a skilled worker. You will not be eligible for H1B without a four year degree. Experience alone does not count.

Age is not a factor for your H1b approval.