H1b for electrical graduate working in software


I did my masters in USA in electrical engineering(specialization in digital and computer engineering). this specialization is nowhere shown in the masters documents but i have taken a course image processing which is related to machine learning and python on which i am working now. Also, i have done my final graduate project in software continuing image processing using AWS. Currently i am working as a software engineer. anyone here has any idea if this will work or might create issues during h1b and stem opt extension.

Will really appreciate your inputs. Thanks

It all depends on how the H1B role is defined and how your skills are positioned to fit the job role. Your attorney is the right person to discuss and position your profile for the same.

An RFE will be generated. It is a good idea to link your master’s digital engineering to the image processing and machine learning protocols. USCIS is looking for ‘continuity of pursuit’ - meaning one qualification is linked to the next in an upward moving ladder. I agree with Kumar. You need to help your attorney show this connection in an effective manner.

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