H1B First time stamping

The situation in brief :

  1. Work as a Consultant (EVC model)

  2. Have H1B visa valid for another 2 years until it comes up for extension

  3. Project ended around a month back and have since been looking for fulltime and contract roles.

  4. Meanwhile a medical situation back home (India), and I need to travel within a week.

  5. Anticipating atleast around 4 months stay until things stabilize, but planning to come back for sure.

  6. This would be the first time I would be travelling to India after getting H1B, so stamping is required.

  7. As project ended, no Client Letter

  8. Employer says current paystubs (payroll is being run) and their letter would suffice for getting the stamping done.

  9. My question is, should I risk going for stamping - What are the implications of trying to get the stamping done to re-enter US without a project? Would there be any future issues?

    OR Should I get things settled, and then (may be in 4 months) start looking for some consulting firm from India who can find a project for me in the US and do the transfer. Is a Client letter not required in this case when I go for stamping?

How difficult is it to find the right consulting firm for this situation and how difficult is it for them to find a project for me and get me to travel?

Your suggestions would be really very helpful.