H1B first time stamping questions

Hello! I have a few questions about first time stamping:

  • I am currently in the US. I have been on a h1b visa since 2020 but haven’t been back home to india for my first stamping yet. I have plans to go to India in January and have a h1b visa stamping appointment for the 31st of Jan. I was eligible for the interview waiver option but I’m confused. I saw that the interview waiver option was valid only till Dec 31st 2022. So not sure if the appointment I got is valid (with the interview waiver) or if I need to do a consular appointment?

  • I was supposed to travel to india for my h1b visa appointment in 2021 and had paid for my visa appt and had a filled ds160 but did not end up traveling. I used the same ds160 to find my new appointment, but a few details need to be updated. Do I need to fill a new ds160 or can I update my old one with the new details? Is that allowed now that I have scheduled an appointment with my existing ds160?

Any answers would be immensely helpful. Thanks in advance!

You should be good, no need to worry.

You can submit a new DS-160 and carry copy of both old and new to the dropbox appointment.