H1B filled on June, 7th (2013) as premium


I received the information form my hiring company that my H1B was filled last week, on June 7th, as Premium.

when should I suppose to receive the receipt?



Your attorney should receive the receipt confirmation number via e-mail the very next day. (Because it is Premium Processing). Then after some days, your attorney will receive the physical recipt in mail.

So you mean that He should already have received the email, that’s it?

I got they recepit confirmation from my attorney, Is this means my application with in this year CAP? Please confirm

Yes,if you have receipt confirmation you have definitely made it to the cap.

Yes, you made it through the cap.

So, i talked with my Attorney and he said he still did not receive the recipt and that could take up to 10 days.

Do you think i missedthe cap?


If it reached USCIS office by June 11th, then you have made through the cap. The attorney should receive the receipt number through email in few days. It may take sometime b/c of the huge numbers of petitions received.