H1B filing from various employers


I am on H4 and wish to apply for a full time H1B visa this year (2013). I am a physical rehab/ therapy professional.


Could I apply for H1B from two different employers simultaneously? (So  that,  just in case if one application gets rejected, I will have a back up ready) Is there any risk invloved for me?


Also, if it's legal  to apply from two different companies then, how is the application processed - as in

1. Both could get approved and employee gets a chance to choose from one after getting 2 full time H1B.

2. Only one would get approved and another one would get rejected  (the first one which is proceed would get approved and thus second would get rejected)



Multiple employers can legally file H-1 petitions for you. Both will get processed and its possible for both of them to get approved. In that case, you will have to pick one of those employers.

Thnaks for your help.

Thanks for your answer on my previous question about “H1B filing from various employers”

I have a couple of additional questions about it.

  1. Is there any risk involved for employee?

  2. Does it cause a problem for H1B renewal after 3 years or H1B extension after 6 years? ( Because there were 2 form I797 for the same person for the same time period.)