H1B Filing 2021 question - Pay for H1B?

I have been proposed a H1B offer by a company that promises placement services and in exchange I will pay them $1,500.00 for the initial processing fees.
I am a little bit skeptical because I do not have an Official job offer with the specifics of the job I will do if my H1B is selected through the lottery, is it normal?
Also I am not comfortable sending them sensitive informations such as my SSN, W2, OPT card ect…
Is is fair that I ask the company to show me their LCA application to prove that they are legal/legit?
Also, is it legal if I give the company name here just to see if anybody dealt with them?

Waiting for a reply,

You should never pay for H1B, it is illegal. They must be some IT bodyshop company doing this…Beware of such fraud. Read below