H1B file no not yet received for the application filed on Apr 11th, 2012


My Employer has filed my H1b application on Apr 11th 2012. But i still did not receive my file number for the H1b petition. When i asked my employer, they always asking me to wait.

Please let me know if receipt notice takes this much long time? Its almost 4 months.

My employer confirmed that my application was filed. Is there a chance that it may get rejected in the first step itself before sending the receipt notice?

Pavan Kumar

I think USCIS might have send out all the receipt notices to the petitioners by now, as the delay expected was around 4-8 weeks of filing.

For some reasons, USCIS might return the packages back to the petitioners and petitioners can resubmit it with required amendments or additions, provided the cap is still open. Since your petition was supposed to be filed on 11th April, your employer might have got enough time to resubmit the application before the 11th June cap date.


What is the current status, have you received the receipt no. yet or not???