H1b fees-want to pay through NEFT

Can anyone update me with the beneficiary account details to pay my h1b fees in the embassy.

i want to do neft transfer but do not know the account details. We are going to have a group interview and wants to pay the fees of 3 of us.can this be done as a single payment or be done in parts

please advice urgent

I have recently paid my and my spouse H1B fees using NEFT. This was for Chennai Consulate. You will have to pay the amount in Step 8 while booking your appointment at https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/. I’ll list the details for you

In Step 8, you will get the details regarding fee payment. It will be 190$ for each of you.
There is a link where you can see payment options.
In payment options you can click on the NEFT link, and it will open a page with details on the Bank Account to which you have to pay, and the total amount to pay. The account number will be unique for you.
If you are paying for you and your family, you don't need to transfer the money three time. You need to transfer once for the combined amount. This amount will also be mentioned on the page.
While doing the online payment, choose account type as "Current" and Type as "Domestic". I got this info from VISA helpdesk.
After doing the payment it will take 3hrs to 2 days for the receipt info to appear on your page at "Step 8"
Once you get that, you can proceed and book the appointment.

Thanks for your reply, i have some doubts in filling DS-160 form. What would you put as your US address?we r going to US for the first time with a new employer and so there is no contact address in US. but in the form it asks for our US stay address.
2 Which category shud H4 visa select? is it H(temporary worker) and sub type H4? actually i got confused because of the term temporary worker becoz h4 cant work.

For US address, i was given the address by my employer. You can check once with your employer. I am not sure if it can be blank.
For a H4 in form DS 160 you can specify
Purpose of Trip to the U.S. (1): TEMPORARY WORKER (H)
Specify: SPOUSE OF AN H (H4)

Thanks. We will work that out. One more qn, did you upload ur photo in ds 160 form. I see a message it will be taken at asc. We have a 1yr old baby, so will her pic be also taken at asc?