H1B Extn Premium Processing no update after 15 calendar days

Hi ,

I am waiting for my case update with premium processing even after 15 calendar days.Case details

05-04-2016 - Petition for I-129 extension received .(Vermont service center) Regular

05-09-2016- Transferred to Nebraska Service Center

05-23-2016 - Upgraded to Premium (Request received to USCIS)

05-25-2016 - RFE with Right to control

06-08-2016 - RFE replied

06-10-2016 - First got denial decision (around 1 PM ) on USCIS case status website and later after 5 hours status changed to Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received.(Attorney verified with USCIS and confirmed it’s a computer error).This kind of status updates can also happen .

It’s 17th day today from when RFE response was received and i have no update .Other details are i am a full time employee with same employer and same role . Attorney is in the process of contacting USCIS why there is no update for premium process after 15 days .Please give me your thoughts .

Probably USCIS officer failed to look at it before the deadline. They should return the PP money now but still honor the PP timelines and process it ASAP.

The only time when PP timelines are not honored is when the petition is stuck in security review.

Thank you Saurabh,Case is approved .
Attorney has requested for an update after 15 days Premium Processing time and it was assigned to a supervisor for review and action ,after ten more days i got the approval notice today .Total it took 26 days for Premium Processing .

Good to know that. Do you know if they refunded the PP fees as it wasn’t processed within 15 calendar days?