H1B extn done for more than 6 yrs if have stayed out of US for 1 yr?

I’m currently in India since 3- Apr 2012. I have already stayed in US for amlost 5 years.

My Visa was in RFE stage when i returned back to India and it got approved till Aug 2013.

If i stay back in India till Apr2013, and then travel to US and apply for extension. Will they consider the time stayed outside and extend my petition for more than 6 yrs as i have stayed a year out.?

Or for getting more years i should be applying for a new Visa altogether.

The clock is reset when both the following conditions are met:

  1. You stay outside US for more than 365 days

  2. You go through the cap again and not use a previously approved H-1 petition

If you stay outside for more than 1 year, but use the old petition and file for extension, it doesn’t reset your clock.

Not correct.

Thanks for letting me know…