H1B extn after stamping has expired


I had my first H1B filed in 2008 through a company in India. I travelled to US on Sept 2009 and returned in July 2010.

I am India since then and my H1B stamping expired in July 2011. I left the company which initiated my H1 in Dec 2011. My current employer didn’t apply for my H1B transfer. So, if I want to get it done through another employer is it possible?

Is there a time limit to apply for H1B transfer after stamping got expired?



Another employer can file for H-1 transfer for you. They would need a copy of your previously approved 797 and payslips, W2 for the period you were in US on H-1.

You can get H-1 transfer filed within 6 years of intiial approval. As your stamp has expired, you will have to go for another stamping once the new petition gets approved.

Thanks Saurabh