H1B Extension

Question1: My husband’s H1B is valid till Dec 2017 and we are planning to apply for H1B Extension. Please guide us as in firstly will it be considered as currently there are many up&downs in the current H1B rules and secondly if he has applied for H1B Extension, will he be supposed to be back to India?

Question2: I am currently on H4 and same is valid till my spouse’s H1B i.e. Dec 2017. If he apply for extension then can I re-apply my H4 by being in US itself (OR) do I need to be back to India and based on his extension only I would have my H4 valid?

We are so confused with current situation. Please help!!

H1-B and H4 Extensions can be applied simultaneously

you need not go to India for Applying for H4 extension .