H1B extension


My H1B will expire in Dec 2016. I am travelling to India in July 2016 return in Aug 2016, When and where should I apply my extension? The reason for this is, to get the visa stamped while I am in India.

  1. Can my employer apply for extension in US when I am in India?

  2. Can I directly apply for consular procession for extension of my H1B in India? Any risks of applying extension in India?

  3. Is it mandatory I stay in US for H1B extension?

  4. If you have experienced same situation please share.

Thank you!

  1. Yes, it can be applied even while you are in India

  2. Extension needs to be applied by employer and not you

  3. Not mandatory. However, if you want to get extended stay in US, you either need to stay in US through H-1 extension approval process, or enter US on the extended petition. This would grant extended I-94.

Thanks for your reply Saurabh.

Hi Saurabh,

Another request, please could you share the procedure of filing a H1B extension in India. How long will it take to get the approval.

This is something your employer has to do. Collect the docs from you (similar to what was collected for initial filing) along w/ current petition copy. Processing time could be 4-6 months but PP option is available.

Thank you for providing the details.