H1B - Extension with RFE received + 240day completion

I am an H1B holder only one working from family and currently applied for H1B Extension(Normal Mode) on approved I140. I received an RFE from USCIS and yet my company needs to submit the response. My I-94 got expired in oct 2019, Currently I am staying on receipt. I will be completing 240days period by 10th June 20.
Due to COVID-19, I will not receive response from USCIS with in 10th of June, Is there any way to extend my I-94 without loosing the status ? or Any new employer can file extension for me in this current situation ?

One suggestion I got is to convert to B2 visa and stay, once USCIS approves the extension petition convert back to H1B and work again. please suggest in case there are any other options.