H1b Extension with master/bachelor non-computer science degree


I have passed out BTech(bachelor of technology- Electrical and Electronics ) in 2004, April and got Degree certificate in May 2005. I also have ME(Master of Engineering Power Electronics - Electrical) passed out in 2008 Jan (2005- 2008) and got Degree certificate in 2009 June. I have started working for my first company from 2006 July.

I m going for extension , is it better to show my Master Degree or Bachelor degree both are non-computer science (full time courses) and from Indian University. I m working on Java technologies from 2006 July till date.

I m filing extension for same java technology job only is it better to show my Master Degree / Bachelor Degree during extension, with which one i have good chance of not getting specialty occupation RFE

Thanks in Advance


A linkage is required. You have to show a connection between your Master’s level credentials with your choice of pursuing java technologies. Research the field and identify how your ME is helping in your present career choice. A specialty occupation by definition is a thorough application of your highest education credential to a work area that makes it unique. You have to help USCIS in deciding how you meet the specialty occupation test; so be creative, show depth of intellect and summarize this for USCIS to evaluate as part of your extension request.