H1b extension while working remotely

I got 221g in Jan-2012 during h1b stamping and ever since then I stuck in India as my case sent to USCIS and no updates after. Earlier my employer was planning to file new h1b for me now that will not work as USCIS has announced that visa cap reached for this year and they will not except any new application after 11th June-2012. now only option my employer has to file h1b extension for me and my family. can he do while we are in india ?

I completed 7 years on h1b and i was on 1 year extension when I went for h1b stamping in jan-2012 and I have approved I-140. I am working remotely for same client.

Let me know.



But your employer already did file your extension and that’s what’s stuck in administrative processing, right?

Same or different employer can file cap-exempt petition for you, and you can then re-appear for stamping.