H1b extension stamp: start date is far away, and current stamp was cancelled

Hi all!

So this is my situation:

My current H1b permit expires on Feb/2023, the company was able to get me a I-797 extension which is valid starting from that date.

I was visiting my family in my home country during the holidays, and took the chance to get the new H1b stamp, so I can travel after feb 2023.

The new H1b stamp was approved. However my previous visa stamp was marked with “cancelled without prejudice”, and the new H1b visa stamp has a note: “not valid until ten days prior to the petition validity date”.

Would that mean that now I don’t have a visa until Feb 2023 and I cannot go back to the US until then? or by petition validity date, they mean that my current I-797 (the one that is attached to the cancelled visa) is valid?

Hope it is clear!

It means that you can travel not more than 10 days before the start date on your new petition.