H1B extension rejected for Employer A, Have a job offer from employer B


My I94 is expired, I-140 is approved and H1-EXT was denied for employer A (my current). I have a job offer from employer B. my question

  1. I understand I should leave the country immediately but Can employer B still transfer my H1-B based on approved I-140 from employer A?
  2. Once its approved I should be able to get the VISA stamped and come back ?


Yes, they can do that as you have approved I-140. I am assuming your I-140 was not withdrawn before 180 days…
Yes, once approved, you can get H1B visa stamp and come back.

Yes my I-140 is not withdrawn.

Do you think employer B will be hesitant to do a transfer now? I have not told them about the rejection yet.

Not really. Every case is different and has nothing to do with you. It does not matter.