H1B Extension - Police Case Urgent help needed


My wife and I along with our daughter were doing shopping in the mall when my daughter 3-year-old picked up something at random while she was in her stroller. The security stopped us and assumed that we were shop lifting and called the cops. The item was $220 and the cops did all the paper work and gave us pink slips which say it’s a summon for petit larceny. The court appear date is written on it.

My H1B extension will be filed this month. The form has a question, that have you been arrested?

My Questions:

The police gave us the pink slip which is a summon to appear in the court in Feb. Is this considered as arrest?Will I have to tell USCIS right way what happened?Can this remain hidden from USCIS for now because the court date is Feb and my company is filing the extension in Dec (in next 2-3 days)?Should I tell this to my company’s attorney or should I wait till Feb for the judgement from court? I fear losing my job

Does the store camera show that the child picked up the object or does it show that either of the parents handed it to the child? Are you planning to plead guilty in February or defend yourself? Have you gone back to the store and discussed possibility of dropping charges? What you plan to do next is critical to how the USCIS question is answered - if you are guilty, then an admission on all forms is required. An arrest did not occur but a full law enforcement contact happened.