H1B Extension in Progress - Travel To India


My H1b extension was filed on Jul 8th 2013 with USCIS and is currently in “Initial Review” stage. My H1b expires on 30th September 2013 and I-94 on 10th October 2013. I have a situation that demands travel back to India. I have few queries that I hope you could address.

  1. If I travel back to India in the first week of October will my H1b extension be abandoned ?

  2. Incase H1b extension is not abandoned and I receive RFE on the application while in India could I respond to the request through my employer. Will USCIS continue processing H1b extension post RFE response ?

3.Worst case, If H1b Extension post RFE response is abandoned, would I be required to raise a new Cap-Exempt application ?

This is troubling my peace. Hope you could help with answers.