H1B Extension : H4 Visa Expiry After H1B Visa Expiry

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My Wife holds H1B Visa valid upto dec 2013 and I am on H4 Visa valid upto dec 2014 ( applied change of status this year only). My Wife will be applying for H1B extension in another 1-2 months . I wanted to know whether She need to apply for my H4 extension also even though my H4 is valid upto dec 2014 ?

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It is not required for you to apply for extension. Your H-4 extension can be applied in late 2014.

Thank You For the detail. However could you please let me know if this query details/information is available in USCIS website or any other place from where i can read/reference it

Thanks In Advance

You can ask your H-1 attorney for the official legal text to refer to.