H1B extension, H1B transfer, H4 visa app & need to travel to India at same

Current status: I have an H1B visa stamped until Jan 10, 2014 with company A. Company A is filing (LCA filed) for my visa extension under premium processing which should take around 30 days more. MY wife passpport is under process and once its through company A could apply for H4

Now Company B wants to file for my H1B visa transfer at the same time under premium processing.

I also have a requirement to travel to India in next 15-20 days

1. Is it ok if transfer is filled along with extension
2. Can I travel to India if extension is approved and transfer is still in progress and I am continue to work with company A. Get the stamping based on Company A extension and come to USA. 
3. Do I need to get the transfer stamped also in India if this also gets approved while I am in India
4. Can I have simultaneous two H1B stamps for comp A and Comp B
5. If comp A files for my wife H4 and my my transfer is complete and I join comp B, can my wife travel with comp A stamp... what documents she need to have and what she needs to convey at POE
6. Does travelling to India and coming back while my current visa stamp is valid in any way affect the extension or transfer application
7. If i am coming back before my existing visa stamp expires, do I need to get teh stamping done if the transfer or extension is approved