H1B extension got denied

Hi All,

My H1B extension got denied and I was given only the first page of the decision notice. I need to know if that is mine in first place. Is there a way to check it. There is a code like CSCI129CSCI followed by 14 digits. Is there any clue in the above digits. Can someone please help.

The code is present at the left bottom of first page

Well, there would your name on it on first page and high level reason. You should ask your employer to send you the whole copy. The code tells that it was I-129 form filed with CSC. Check Sample H1B Denial Letter by USCIS to get an idea

Hi Kumar,

This was applied by a consultant and which is why I wanted to check if this is actually my denial notice. They aren’t providing the whole copy as per their company rules which is why I wanted to know if that code can decode something to confirm that it is my denial notice

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Well, if they can share a part of it, then they should be able to show the whole thing…I sense something fishy…I have not heard of policy, where they share only few pages…