H1B extension got approved, H4 got RFE

Dear Team,
I tried to look for the exact scenario but could not locate any so starting this new thread, please help me understand this -
My H1B extension along with dependents applications were submitted around April 2019 and received RFE on H1b extension around mid July. Then RFE was cleared and H1B got approved on 9/9. Today I see that my dependent H4 have got RFE, trying to understand what RFE could be about? Only one H4 (out of two) have RFE.
Please note finger print biometric was completed in May for both dependents.

I am planning to travel to India next month and have to appear for stamping, would this cause any issues?


It should not cause any issues. Unless you know the reason for RFE, it would be pure speculation on our part. Sometimes, it could be as simple as needing Marriage Certificate or I-140 Copy or something similar…So, dont worry about it, wait for the physical copy and then respond accordingly. Your Travel to India has no impact, you can go for stamping, even if it does not get approved here…