H1b Extension from Abroad/ H1b Visa Wait Time

Hi Redbus2Us,
In November 2019 by H1b extension was denied and i came back to my home country. I have another 5 years left on my h1b cap (worked only 1 year on h1b in usa)
Since then, I have been working for a US client-X through a US employer-Y (WFH, Freelancing)).
Here are my questions, can you please help me on this,

  1. Can this employer-Y file my h1b transfer/extension.
  2. Can they file my extension/transfer petition now(with new trumps h1b visa ban proclamation).
  3. If this petition is approved in Sept 2020, can i wait until Jan 2021 to go for visa stamping(i mean, does an approved petition has time limit for visa stamping)
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My Employer-Y is running me on 1099 mode in my country

Why was the H1B denied ?
If it was not denied for Fraud, you can find another employer or the same company and ask them to file for transfer.

Hi Kumar Thank you for your reply,
It was denied for speciality occupation (that’s what my previous employer told me) and by the time my I94 also expired, so i have no choice except to leave USA.
So, can my new employer who i am working with since last 8months on 1099 mode file my extension and transfer