H1B Extension for same company

Hi Everyone,

My H1B visa was approved today. However, it’s only valid for one year. I am definitely planing to stay with the company who filed my petition longer than a year. My questions are: What are the chances for USCIS to deny my H1B extension when I apply for it next year (again, I will be working in the same company at the same position)? Is this a long process like getting your initial H1B or much simpler?

I would highly appreciate any information / insights.

Thank you very much!

H1B validity is depends on the documentation prepared by the attorney. Its completely not visible to us. how and what they would file. so next year denial chances would be very less as far i have seen and possibly next time you might get for more than a year too (if luck and documentation permits)

Nothing to worry on this…

Thank you for your comment!