H1B extension denied. what are my options?


My current H1B petition and I-94 are valid until 9/30/16 and recently applied for extension through premium based on my approved I-140 for the same project at same client currently working on.

My extension is denied by USCIS. We are awaiting for official denial reason from USCIS.

Could anyone please suggest what are my options at this point?. At this point, I am still in US.


  1. Change employers and have the new employer file cap-exempt petition for you

  2. Current employer applies for MTR or Appeal against the decision. This doesn’t grant you extension to stay and so it should be accompanied w/ another extension petition

Hello, I am exactly in the similar situation and got around 30 days till my I94 expires, Please advise what options you followed to come out of this…help me with your email address or cell for quick conversation

Our original extension was denied as end customer did not provide client letter (their HR policy). We reapplied with client letter(got it through exception process) and got it approved within 10 days.

Hello, are you saying the denied petition can be re-opened and can be worked on?

No. Filed a new extension request since still in status.

Hi, Thanks for the response. Is it possible to send your contact details to itsforapple99@icloud.com for a quick discussion?

Hi, I am in the same boat
How did you approach? Did you file a new extension?

Hi how did you resolve this? Did you apply.for appeal or new application?
Please advice