H1B extension delay

Thanks so much for all the readers and contributors.

Attorney has filed H1B VISA extension, Premium, on Jul 18th 2016. I believe they have received my receipt within a week. So far, no updates. Attorney(major org) is through my employer and they are not preferring to respond to my requests-when I asked for a receipt number and location.

It’s been 4 weeks, so far nothing. I have had a DUI related arrest back in Apr 15 and that had been reduced to reckless driving in Aug 16. All the formalities including 6 months’ probation is completed. I even had a trip back to India and there was a bump at the port of entry when I returned back to the US. I am worried that this incident is also causing the delay and concerned that things may terribly go wrong. I am living in fear every day affecting my life and work. I had a pretty smooth journey so far from L1 through H1 and I regret each and every day for the last year incident. Nevertheless, just checking if there are any folks who applied in Jul 3rd week(premium) and how it went. And any suggestions on my situation is highly appreciated.

Thank you.



On similar situation, got any update on your case? Pls advise.