h1b extension - But I am in India for last 6 months

Hi ,
My h1b visa is approved in : 2013

But I didn’t go( due to personal issue) for stamping till 2015 Jan.

Attended stamping on : Jan 2015. But got 221g slip asked me to submit fresh client letter.

After submitting client letter,
Finally Visa approved on :May 2015. valid till 26 Sep 2016.

Step in US : October 2015.

Step out US: January 2016. (due to personal issues again. but till now working from home for client).

I have some questions regarding my h1b extension.
( I am working for same client from starting and he is ready to process my extension.)

  1. I am planning to go US again in first week of August 2016. Will I face any issues in POE(port of entry) in US? ( Because I am outside of US around 6 months. and visa is going to expire by 26 Sep 2016).

  2. or, Shall I wait here(India) and get stamping of visa extension (for my smooth entry)?

  3. Am I eligible for visa drop box (interview waiver programme)?

  1. No issues. If asked, let them know that employer plans to file for extension soon. Talk to employer about filing extension soon after you enter US.

  2. You can travel in Aug if there is a need

  3. Yes, you are eligible for dropbox. However, it won’t serve any purpose until you get an extended petition.

Hi Saurabh, Thanks a lot for your valuable information.