H1B extension approved. Do I need to stamp before re-entering US?

Guys, Need your advice on my current situation.My current visa is valid till Sep 30th 2015 and my extension is approved from Oct 1st 2015 for next 3 years. I’m planning for India travel - Aug 20th and will return by Sep 10th which is before my expiry of current visa & start of extension. Here is my confusion :-Scenario # 1 I read blogs saying even if i go for drop box there is a chance my current visa can be revoked meaning i will end up staying in India until Sep 30th 2015 and then only I can travel back to US. What’s your advice on this. Can I go ahead with new stamping and won’t face any issue as it will be just 1 month before current visa expiry?Scenario # 2Since my current visa is valid till Sep 30th and I will return back before expiry to US can i go ahead with my travel and come back without stamping. I will have new petition with me with which will the POE issue my I-94 as 3 yrs from current period (or) he would issue the current expiry of Sep 30th 2015?Appreciate your response on my case.Thanks again