H1B extension Approval date not matching with previous H1B expiry


My H1B expired on July 17th 2013 and my employer has filed extension on May 4th 2013. I got the approval on Spetember 4th 2013 and the new H1B is valid from August 29th 2013 till XXXX. My concern here is since my earlier I-94/H1B expired on July 17th 2013 I was expecting the new approved H1B extension will have validty from the next day. But in my case there is almost 6 week gap between July 17th and August 29th. Would this be covered under the 240 day period from which the petition is filed with USCIS?

Please let me know if this will cause any issue or this is an normal case and should not casue an issue.



HI, Did you get answer for this question? Did you face any Issue while going for next extension. Please let me know. I am also facing similar Issue