H1b extension applied after 1 day after I-94 expiry date

Hi All, My H1B visa got expired on 7/28/18 and I-94 was expired on 8/7/2018. My company tried to get LCA approval one week before day of expiry. Hence, LCA approval on Last of day I94 Expiry. LCA approved same day(8/7/2018) on my I-94 expiry day. My company filed for extension on 8/7/2018 but the recieved date 8/8/2018 . That is, 1 day after I-94 expiry. I got the receipt number on 8/8/2018. My company told me, since I have labor approved and receipt number, it is legal to work. Question - Is it legal to work after I-94 expiry with labor approval and receipt number?Total employer negligence is Caused this. Will My H1B will approved without RFE for the same reason i.e recieved date after I-94 expiry date? If not legal to work and I had to return back to my country, then what are the impacts for future visa if I may have to apply ? Can i change the employer if there is any RFE.

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I am in the same situation. My I94 is getting expired on 10/22/2018. My employer is going to send extension on the same day. Would I be able to work from 10/23/2018?

Were you allowed to work from 8/8/2018? Could you please answer because your case exactly matches the situation I am in right now.

We are able to work if and only if the packet reaches on time i.e on or before the I94 Expiry date. or the next continuos. day. Once you got the receipt , then you can work . Consult your employer attorney if you have more questions.

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what exactly do you mean by next continuous day. My I94 got expired yesterday and my packet will reach today to USCIS. Would I be able to work from today?

My i94 expired on 8/7/2018 and i got receipt date as 8/8/2018 , in this case it is ok to work.

Hi @kumar76g, was your extension approved? Did you encounter any problems after? Was there any effect on future visa?

Hi @vpgmail , My extension is approved untill 7/19/2019 and next extension is also approved withoug any hassel untill next three years

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Hi Kumar

So you package went to USICS after I-94 expired . Can you please let me know your mail address . Appreciated

Hi Joseph

Did USIC accepted your petition and got approved it. Can you pls let me know how your case was resolved . My situation is exactly same as yours . Appreciated

Hi Guru,

My employer sent package on the last day of my I94 valid date and uscis received next day. My case was approved. I went for stamping and it went on smoothly as well.

Thanks a lot Joseph for the confirmation
Couple more questions
You continued to work in US after approval or is it you went out of US to get visa stamping and then started to work when you return.

Can you confirm that your employer filed using premium processing ? how long did it take to get approval

Again appreciated your time here and print. Response