H1B-extension and i-94 expiration due

I have recieved an RFE for my H1B extension and my organisation responded back on 18th of july 2017.
My i-94 is due to expire on 30 August 2017.

In case of any denial,can I get on to f1 visa by getting admitted to any university? Can i do so after expiration of 1-94 or do i need to do it before my 1-94 expires.

Also suggest any other alternatives to avoid getting out of status.

Thanks in Advance.

Getting into a school would be the best option for you - List of some schools, http://desiopt.com/news/111/CPT-Universities-From-Day-1-&-Others.html

I am not sure about this one, but people usually travel to Canada or may be India, I don’t know whether it extends I-94 dates, but you can research that too.